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There are two types of SEO known as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO and here you can get both of the search engine optimization strategy by top SEO Company in Noida. Both are difference from each other and it can be cleared by checking the details below.

SEO On page optimization

On Page SEO: It is also called as “on-site SEO”. It is mainly used by the SEO to optimize website which results in effect of search engine rankings. The factors that it includes are like title tags, heading (H1), ALT Text for images, content optimization, internal linking, and SEO friendly URL (Uniform resource locator) etc.

Search Engines Love all important SEO factors

  • Title - Less than 70 Character and start with primary keywords.
  • H1 Tag – Include keywords in your heading.
  • H2 Sub Heading – Use at least one h2 tag with keyword in your page.
  • Stuff your keyword in your first paragraph under 100 words.
  • Website should be mobile responsive.
  • Inter linking in your page with thematic.
  • Use keyword in alt tag of your image and try .jpg extension.
  • Make SEO friendly URL with short.
seo off page optimization

Off-Page SEO: It is known and used if willing to increase the Domain Authority. It is used by creating links from other websites and just like on page SEO there are some factors of off-page SEO and that are like numbers and qualities of website backlinks.

  • Thematic Backlink
  • Share Content to Social Sites
  • Bookmarking High Domain authority
  • Business Listing
  • Video Marketing

Why is SEO Services Important for Business

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization used to generate traffic through organic search engine results (SERP). There are also some techniques which are followed by SEO Services Company in Noida and it can be checked under as White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO.

  • More customer come to your website
  • Increase your leads and sales for business
  • Improve your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • SEO help you visibility on Search Engine (SERP)
  • So, join hands with us in your endeavor for better grow online.

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