SEO Trends that you will most likely see in 2018

2018 is finally here and tech freaks have already started searching the trends which are more likely to rock in 2018. Analyzing and implementing SEO Trends have become a common practice now. SEO gets a major attention each year because how better/worse a business will perform depends only on its SEO. Today, at DRS Web Services, the best SEO Company in Lucknow, we’ll discuss Top 7 SEO Trends in 2018. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

seo trends in 2018

SEO Trends that you can expect in 2018

1: Digital Assistants

Queries can now be more easily solved as Voice Searching Digital Assistants are likely to prosper in 2018. Google Assistant, for example, has really changed the criteria to gather and process information. As per Google, 2 out of every 10 searches are executed in response to the queries put through the voice command. So to ensure SEO, it will be needed that more familiar languages are used with those long-tail search keywords.

2: Mobile Optimization

This is not an unknown fact anymore that Google prioritize mobile optimized sites first. Today, most websites suffer because these are not optimized for the mobiles. The technology is more likely to get attention in 2018. So if you don’t want to lose your potential traffic this year, you better get your website mobile-optimized.

3: Establishing Backlinks

Adding back links to your site makes it reliable to the search engines. Google indexes those websites first which have back links enabled. Building Back links is not difficult. Guest Posting to other blogs can give you a few Back links which can even improve your overall Alexa Ranking as well.

4: Seek Best Content Writing Services in India

Like every other year, Content will stay to be the top most SEO trend in 2018 also. Seeking Best Content Writing Services in India alone can’t take you to the first spot. You have to include valuable Content with quality Pictures and Videos to engage users for a long time. DRS Web Services provide amazing content writing services India.

5: User Experience

As per Google, more sites will be including improved UX for their traffic. Readability, navigation structure and responsiveness will together contribute to a brand’s online success this year. The smoother your site is to handle, the better you’ll be able to engage your visitors. So a better UX will lead you to an improved SEO in 2018.

Wrapping Up

So these were the hottest SEO trends that you’ll most possibly see in 2018. So, if you are looking for someone who can help you fix your brand’s SEO issues online, DRS Web Services is waiting for your call. We are not just an experienced rival in this field but are also the best SEO Company in Lucknow.

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