DRS Web Services: The Leading Website Development Company In Lucknow

In today’s world of internet and technology, it’s important to have robust websites for businesses purposes. DRS Web Services, a PHP, Drupal and WordPress Web Development company India is a leader in the field of web designing and web development in India.

What is a website design?

Website designing is the process of designing, creating and updating of websites that involves dealing with information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout and graphics designing. DRS Web Services offers Website Development Company Lucknow offers customer friendly services related to website designing and web development.

Latest Development in the field of website design

It’s important for web developers to follow the trend and keep itself up to date. Here are some of the new trends observed in the world of web development:

  • Emergence of open composition

Web developers are nowadays using more and more open composition instead of closed static ones for composing loosely suspended elements.

  • Asymmetry

Developers are building asymmetric layouts having imperfect balance on both left and right sides of a website thus breaking the monopoly of symmetric layouts

  • Rich background and patterns

A recent trend has emerged of web developers developing websites having intricate backgrounds and patterns like small dashes, stripes, and dots.

What is web development?

Web Development involves all the processes that contribute to creating and smooth functioning of websites that involves web designing, web content development, client, and server side coding and network security configuration. The scope of web development can range from building simple text pages to complicated social network applications. DRS Web Services offers services like PHP web development, E-commerce web development, WordPress development and Drupal development services India.

Things developer or client need to take care when developing website

Being a WordPress, Drupal, and PHP web development company, DRS takes all steps to build robust websites. Here are 4 things a client should consider before building a website:

  • Security

The client must hire web development company that provides regular updates and patchworks to protect your website developed using tools like Drupal, PHP, and WordPress from hacks and other security breaches.

  • Management of content and updates

To make a website user-friendly, the content in the website has to be updated and changed from time to time.

  • Should place a system to know who visits the website

It’s important to track the visitors coming to your website using tools like Google Analytics to know their composition and activities on the website.

  • Content is the king

Just developing a website is not enough to attract visitors. To retain and attract new visitors, the website must provide user-customized contents.

Technologies and platforms used for web development

Coding, scripting, and programming for the creation of web applications have two main categories:

Client-side coding

Client-side coding refers to the type of coding that can be executed or interpreted by browsers. Here are some of the technologies needed for client-side coding:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MooTools
  • Dojo Toolkit

Server-side coding

In server-side coding, the scripting is executed or interpreted by the web server. Here are some technologies needed for server-side coding:

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • NET
  • Python
  • Perl

Here are some of the platforms used for web development:

  • Drupal Web Development
  • WordPress Web Development
  • PHP Web Development
  • Ecommerce Web Development

The highly qualified team of experts at are experienced enough to provide world class services related to web development and designing at an affordable rate. To know more about DRS Web Services, visit the website.


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