Professional Web Designing Company in Lucknow to get excellent services

Developing a professional website is the only way to show business on the Internet. A well-designed site aids in generating more traffic, building customer trust, brad awareness, and increasing sales. Our profound Web Designing Company in Lucknow understand your requirements and ensures that the website we develop is capable of generating high web traffic and eventually optimize the overall sales for your establishment.

We have a big well-organized web designing and development team who have years of experience in the practices of dressing Ecommerce websites with professional look and amazing features.

The standard methodology followed by our web designing company is:-

Data Collection About Project Requirements:

Collecting information and understanding different needs of the clients is the preliminary step our website designing company take when any client approach us for web designing. We ask plenty of questions related to business and its requirements as these questions help us to provide the outcomes as clients wants. For the best possible results, you need to answer them very clearly and accurately. These specifications aid us prepare a plan that turns your virtual expectations into beautiful reality.

Web Designing Phase

After finalizing the project and collecting all the needed information, we promptly move to the web designing part. It is the time when our expert web designers put their 100%, creating appealing designs that not only reflect the purpose and objectives of your business to the audience, but help in improving the brand awareness.

Web Development and Coding Phase

After accomplishing the website designing stage, we instantly move to the development phase, which covers complete coding of the website. Correct coding of the website helps it to drive to the right direction easily and enhance the user-experience as well. If browsing through a site is not as easy and smooth as it supposed to be, it will certainly ruin the experience and interest of your targeted web visitors.

Comprehensive Testing Phase

After accomplishing the overall designing and development outcomes, we immediately start testing your website using numerous high standard manual and automation testing strategies before launching it on the internet or intranet.

This testing process, aid us to figure out all the flaws and error left at the time of designing and development such as broken links, security issues, high loading time, browsing issues, and many more. And if there are any such errors, we remove and correct them immediately.

Standard Post Development professional Assistance:

Most of the business owners have a common belief that after delivering the website to the client, web designing companies leave them on their hand and do not provide any support. Well, it is not the truth in our case. If you hire DRS Web Services then we will always support and follow-up with you even after handing over the website.

These are some basic steps that our renowned web designing company in Lucknow follow in order to provide exceptional and error-free web designing services to all our valued clients.


Hiring our company will cost you very less, but always delivers you the great results that aid your brand goes a long way. So, break down all the myths and consult us today for expert support and professional services.

Finding solutions for a Messed up Website? DRS WEB SERVICES can sail you through

DRS Web Services, is not just a brand but a family that has helped a lot of brands to grow online. Even the most promising and reliable offline brand may struggle to attract potential traffic online. This can be resolved if the website has an appealing web design, responsiveness to varying digital assets and engaging content for its services. Fortunately, DRS Web Services excel in providing all of these with absolutely no hassle at all. Our panel of experienced web developers and SEO experts has made us a brand Website Designing Company Lucknow.

Why we are the best Website Designing Company Lucknow

We have successfully turned a lot of websites from scratch to silver. This has helped us in getting a massive positive feedback from our clients. Our logo and graphic designers are well-trained to make a good web design overall. Carrying this further, our qualified content developers and SEO experts trend the business by sharing it accurately to the Social Media and through numerous PPC sites for advertising. Thus we make sure that your brand gets a massive user base online.

So if you are looking for any Website Designing Company Lucknow, we welcome you to our family.

Worried about the Prices? We are the BEST in that

DRS, is proud to have reasonability in its packages. Our panel makes a good web design with a price best in the market. Our clients are a live proof to this exertion. We have customized packages to ensure that our clients get the best of our services. So you need not to be worried about our prices as what we offer would definitely fit into your pockets.

So if you are struggling with a messed up website, simply contact us and relax. DRS Web Services will handle everything under its own umbrella.

Top 7 Trends In 2018 To Follow For SEO Companies

We can now count days that are left for the New Year, and so there are plenty of trends to talk about already. We, are one of the best SEO Company Lucknow to give you an update on how to follow the trends for 2018. These tips will help you get more views and have every piece of writing flourished online.

top 7 seo trends in 2018
Top 7 Trends In 2018 To Follow For SEO

  • Voice assistants

Voice search and communication with virtual assistance has become more common nowadays. The rise of voice search helps them get long-tailed keywords in reply and that lets the users get more information within a shorter span of time. Voice search is likely to grow with its integration in the smart home concept. All of these will drag people more into voice search so updating that is a great tool.

With new strategies, we don’t forget the old. Link building will always be important to let viewers get to your niche site. It is not just about backlinks from popular sites, but to also seek coverage from websites relevant to the industry. The process of referral from one site to another helps build two at once.

  • User experience for SEO

Google has announced that making websites for improving and focusing on user experience help get more visitors. With better user experience, people are more engaged in the pages of your website. It helps the search engines discover pages that are useful for people that favor them over the rest.

  • Add snippets

People nowadays want to have information in brief and that is why snippets have become more important than ever. There are high chances of writing SEO content in the snippets with rich keywords to bring people to your website. This also includes quick replies to queries and in brief.

  • Prioritize apps

If you put your apps in first priority, you have more chances to reach out to people. People are frequent with these advanced cellular devices, and the big gadgets are mostly dedicated to work. If your SEO context can attract people through their mobiles, there will be an increase in reach-ability.

  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another way to gives users a personalized experience like virtual assistance. Developing AI will help succeed the SEO strategies and keep up the trends. Google’s RankBrain or deep learning algorithm, gives you a way to make use of AI. It is good to target this developing trend.

  • Improving SEO

Having new ways to optimize your content will not mean that you don’t need the old. Those are the base that has helped you so far, so focusing on organic SERPs will do what it has done for you so long. Keep improving with additional benefits given to you due to technological upgrade but keep your basics working.

We serve you with SEO services just as you will expect from the best SEO Company Lucknow. Our methods of optimization will take your company way ahead of your competitors and rise above when searched online.

DRS Web Services: The Leading Website Development Company In Lucknow

In today’s world of internet and technology, it’s important to have robust websites for businesses purposes. DRS Web Services, a PHP, Drupal and WordPress Web Development company India is a leader in the field of web designing and web development in India.

What is a website design?

Website designing is the process of designing, creating and updating of websites that involves dealing with information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout and graphics designing. DRS Web Services offers Website Development Company Lucknow offers customer friendly services related to website designing and web development.

Latest Development in the field of website design

It’s important for web developers to follow the trend and keep itself up to date. Here are some of the new trends observed in the world of web development:

  • Emergence of open composition

Web developers are nowadays using more and more open composition instead of closed static ones for composing loosely suspended elements.

  • Asymmetry

Developers are building asymmetric layouts having imperfect balance on both left and right sides of a website thus breaking the monopoly of symmetric layouts

  • Rich background and patterns

A recent trend has emerged of web developers developing websites having intricate backgrounds and patterns like small dashes, stripes, and dots.

What is web development?

Web Development involves all the processes that contribute to creating and smooth functioning of websites that involves web designing, web content development, client, and server side coding and network security configuration. The scope of web development can range from building simple text pages to complicated social network applications. DRS Web Services offers services like PHP web development, E-commerce web development, WordPress development and Drupal development services India.

Things developer or client need to take care when developing website

Being a WordPress, Drupal, and PHP web development company, DRS takes all steps to build robust websites. Here are 4 things a client should consider before building a website:

  • Security

The client must hire web development company that provides regular updates and patchworks to protect your website developed using tools like Drupal, PHP, and WordPress from hacks and other security breaches.

  • Management of content and updates

To make a website user-friendly, the content in the website has to be updated and changed from time to time.

  • Should place a system to know who visits the website

It’s important to track the visitors coming to your website using tools like Google Analytics to know their composition and activities on the website.

  • Content is the king

Just developing a website is not enough to attract visitors. To retain and attract new visitors, the website must provide user-customized contents.

Technologies and platforms used for web development

Coding, scripting, and programming for the creation of web applications have two main categories:

Client-side coding

Client-side coding refers to the type of coding that can be executed or interpreted by browsers. Here are some of the technologies needed for client-side coding:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MooTools
  • Dojo Toolkit

Server-side coding

In server-side coding, the scripting is executed or interpreted by the web server. Here are some technologies needed for server-side coding:

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • NET
  • Python
  • Perl

Here are some of the platforms used for web development:

  • Drupal Web Development
  • WordPress Web Development
  • PHP Web Development
  • Ecommerce Web Development

The highly qualified team of experts at are experienced enough to provide world class services related to web development and designing at an affordable rate. To know more about DRS Web Services, visit the website.


Why mobile-friendly websites are the need of the hour?

The web world is advancing more than ever. A larger part of clients are getting to tablets and cell telephones for their needs. In any case, most sites are not streamlined to chip away at these gadgets yet. Versatile destinations help upgrade brand perceivability and enhance deals. In the event that your portable site falls flat opposite simple perceivability and route, then your group of onlookers will go for another site.

mobile friendly website

What is a Mobile Friendly Website?

In exceptionally straightforward words, a mobile friendly site is one that has similarity with your advanced cell or a tablet, they are as per your PDA screen determination, and Google discusses three unique sorts of portable sites, which incorporate responsive web plan, element serving and diverse URL’s. In a responsive web outline the same HTML code is shown through all programs and in addition gadgets, as it were the substance is same in all gadgets, it is simply shown in an alternate manner, as indicated by the screen size. In element serving the URL structure will continue as before yet it will show an alternate rendition of the site. What’s more, in conclusion diverse URLs mean distinctive URL for cell phones and separate for desktop.

Understanding the critical components of a mobile-friendly website

However, making a versatile cordial webpage is not about tweaking you’re existing site. The littler screen of cellular telephones bends messages, pictures and tabs of your site, making it troublesome for clients to scan the site.

Incorporate critical components, substance and pertinent connections in the site. Pay consideration on interface components – it will help touch screen clients explore the site effectively. In today’s quick paced world, for any business to survive the opposition, the most essential need of great importance is flexibility and responsiveness to change keeping in mind the end goal to achieve the customers adequately. Regarding the matter of the web, this flexibility stretches out to having sites that are enhanced for every conceivable gadget.

It’s time to utilize the cell phone craze

As there is an incredible craze of utilizing cellular telephones, all things considered, individuals need their sites, business situated or useful to get guests whatever number as could be expected under the circumstances. What’s more, for that, they settle on portable publicizing which can just serve beneficial on the off chance that you have a versatile neighbourly site with w portable benevolent point of arrival to get gainful clients.

To make a site versatile well disposed is the most dire need of great importance. Remembering certain raw numbers we become more acquainted with, that in 2007 we had around 1 million portable sites, and it is relied upon to raise to 150 million by the year 2017.

The versatile mobile-friendly websites rise exponentially

It is all that much trusted and expected that the rate of versatile sites will rise exponentially. Presently numerous individuals encounter their first time utilization of web through their telephones. All things considered, this was just to highlight the significance of the phenomena of portable well disposed sites. In a smartphone world and having no portable cordial sites is only like a business suicide.

With a good mobile friendly site you can have benefits like:

  • Enhanced portable hunt rankings: Google’s new overhaul has started to punish locales that aren’t versatile boosting so as to invite the portable rankings of portable neighbourly site. In the event that you need to be found in portable list items, right now is an ideal opportunity to upgrade your site.
  • Better client experience: Regardless of the possibility that you don’t think portable hunts are critical, a non versatile cordial site can prompt a not exactly stellar experience for both present and potential patients.
  • Faster speeds: On the off chance that your site isn’t improved for versatile utilization, it can stack gradually and may even commute individuals away. A versatile cordial site will offer a much quicker choice for viewers.

Notwithstanding this Google are currently formally perceiving the significance of versatile amicable sites and from the 21st of April 2015 they will punish non-portable neighborly sites in their list items.

This implies that on the off chance that you are top of the indexed lists for a key expression now, however your site is not portable well disposed and the locales underneath you are then your position may tumble.

In the event that your site isn’t a mobile friendly one, it will be worthy for you to truly put resources into to convey it cutting-edge. Cell phones are all that much setting down deep roots and you will see an arrival on your speculation.

If you are looking mobile friendly web development company in Lucknow hire DRS Web Services

5 Crucial Components of Web Development Undertaken By DRS Web Services

Web development is an important part of creating worthy websites that plays a crucial role in transforming the business scenario of various companies. Well trained and highly skilled developers as well as designers stands to be the pillars of a competent web development company Like DRS Web Services. Its task is to adapt the latest technical trends and transform the objectives or ideas into a full functional website. Generally know, websites happen to be the external link of the company that makes it possible for them to reach global audience. This is the reason that it needs to be designed and developed carefully in attracting maximum web traffic.

  • The most important factor to be considered in an expert web development company Lucknow is that they should be equipped with latest designing and developing software. As the technology changes, the platforms also do. And not abiding by the changes will definitely leave a company behind in the race of global business growth.
  • There is a need to take care of the images, content and videos in the websites. Also, the team has to ensure proper placement of these features to make every website look stunning and impressive to the viewers. It is well known that eye-catching material in the website will not let the viewer stick to a single option and this can be a threat to the overall business.
  • There should be a dedicated team of designers and developers, who can devote their valuable time to a particular project. It is because a single team handling multiple projects will not be able to concentrate on any of the work and quality may decrease. And compromising on quality in web development business is not at all accepted.
  • Having command over the language and coding is exceptionally necessary. There are many companies, who might suffer on the business in not knowing the global language. So, the communication in English is preferable because it is the globally spoken language. This will also improvise on the overall business.
  • After making the websites, it is essential for the good web development companies to have high testing infrastructure. By this, it means that quality analysts need to be there in the company for ensuring efficient functioning of the entire website. Along with this, the quality analysts are required to suggest solutions to the problems in the functional aspect of a website for better view.

As all know that the web atmosphere has tremendously improvised in the last few years, there are various factors that have to be considered in terms of quality presentation. When it comes to developing long lasting clientele, it is essential for a competent web development company to take note of the general growing demands and create websites that are fast in operations. Representing quality at priority, such type of companies have managed to create options that allow their clients to reach the global audience and achieve he projected success.